Saturday, December 17, 2011

PAS Youth Calls on All Angry Birds' Fans

Even PAS is well-acquainted with Angry Birds. The PAS policy studies director Sulaiman Mohd Syahir described the popular game as an “inspiring struggle to defend rights”. In a press statement on December 10, 2011, PAS Youth had called on all Angry Birds’ fans “to emulate the spirit shown by the ‘angry birds’ against ‘the thief’ and urges every caring citizen to destroy the corruption culture and breach of trust among leaders”. The thief, in this particular context, is the corrupt UMNO government.

Sulaiman had explained that “Angry Birds have to be creative and determined to regain their stolen eggs” and added that “the slogan ‘Do not steal!’ is a symbol of public anger against the four betrayals of Malaysian leaders”, citing the denial of petroleum royalties in Kelantan; the listing of Felda which he said will short-change settlers; discrepancies in the electoral roll; and the RM250 million National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal.

Angry Birds is hugely popular in Malaysia. I am sure Malaysians can relate to the above!

On Thursday, MAS Toastmasters invited me to their Installation Nite held at Pan Pacific KLIA Hotel. It was a big do because it brought all their five Toastmasters Clubs: Mawar, Cempaka, Melor, Kargo & Finance together under one roof. Even their MAS Group CEO, Ahmad Jauhari (in the last photo) came to grace the event.

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