Thursday, December 29, 2011

Death of The Great Leader

The elaborate ceremony of mourning for Kim Jong-il, who died on December 17 at the age of 69, had been preceded by remarkable supernatural events, at least according to North Korea’s state media.

Earth tremors supposedly rocked the sacred Mount Paeku, alleged to have been Kim's birthplace. Weeping owls flew into the Kim family mausoleum in the centre of the capital, Pyongyang. Meanwhile, mysterious flashes of light were reportedly seen in the skies above the world's last totalitarian state.

UK’s The Sun had similarly reported that the state propaganda machine was very creative with their extraordinary stories. “A snowstorm blew up and ice covering the mountain's Lake Chon is said to have cracked so loudly that 'it seemed to shake the heavens and earth'. And in the north-eastern city of Hamhun a crane is reported to have circled a statue of Kim's father, President Kim il-Sung, before landing on a tree with its head bowed in sorrow” (Website, published December 23, 2011).

In keeping with the natural world's apparent grief over Kim's death, North Korea's showpiece capital was suitably wreathed in snow yesterday.

I am sure many world leaders are envious that Kim was given extra-special treatment by the gods!

Celtic leapfrogged Rangers at the top of the Scottish Premier League thanks to Joe Ledley's second-half header.

It was a disjointed first-half. Celtic's Fraser Foster made a wonderful save from an early Lee Wallace header and was relieved to see Carlos Bocangera shoot wide from close range. But when the second half came, Celtic dominated and Ledley crashed in a header from a Charlie Mulgrew corner on 52 minutes. Rangers offered little in response and Celtic, with this important 1-0 win, made it nine league wins in a row.

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