Friday, December 16, 2011

Angry Birds

Angry Birds" is a massively popular app for the iDevices and Android smartphones. Whether we are fans of Angry Birds or not, we all know that Angry Birds has become a worldwide sensation since it was released in December 2009. Colleague and friend Madeline Tan – yes, the same one who devoured 46 prawns in under an hour (my blog posting dated July 21, 2011 – is addicted to the game as you can see from this photo:

And the Angry Birds logo can be seen everywhere. It has graced sweatshirts, cupcakes and even a Finnair airplane.

The Angry Bird known only as White Bird poses in front of his comrade Blue Bird on the side of a Finnair Airbus A340-300. Photo by Finnair.

Now it has been reinterpreted as an elegant one-shouldered evening gown by none other than Teija Vesterbacka, the wife of the Chief Marketing Officer of Rovio, the company that makes the wildly popular Angry Birds game app. According to media reports, Mrs. Vesterbacka wore the gown at a formal event at the Finnish Presidential Palace on December 06, 2011 in celebration of the country's 94th year of independence. [Her husband, who tends to favor a red Angry Birds hoodie, was dressed in white tie and black tails for this function].

I hear that an Angry Birds feature film is in the works and negotiations to bring Angry Birds merchandise to Starbucks outlets are also ongoing. Angry Birds is conquering our world!

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