Friday, December 30, 2011

Ball Cutter

I found the story incredible when I first read it. But it has been reported in some newspapers and there were pictures too of the predator fish that preys on men by biting off their testicles! Ouch!!

Jeremy Wade, the host of ITV’s “River Monsters” went to remote Papua New Guinea after locals reported a mysterious aquatic beastie that was castrating young fishermen.

And he did finally found the Pacu fish – known locally as the "Ball Cutter" – and even caught one specimen weighing 40 lb. What is really creepy is that the said fish has human-like teeth – as if a dentist has conveniently left them behind!

The Pacu fish uses them to tear off the testicles of unwitting anglers, leaving them to bleed to death. UK’s The Sun which told this story on December 28, 2011 had mentioned that at least two fishermen have bled to death after being bitten by the beast, although Wade believes they were "pretty unlucky" as the fish is quite shy.

Pacu fish are usually found in the Amazon, where they need their teeth to crack into the tough cases of nuts and seeds. The previously vegetarian fish were introduced to Papua New Guinea 15 years ago and here, they used their special technique to chomp meat due to a lack of suitable vegetation in the waters.

This particular adventure will be screened on the River Monsters Series 3 on the UK channel ITV1 on January 03, 2012 at 7:30 PM. Just in case, you happen to be in the UK!

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