Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Poo Power

I am finding Mahathir to be really comical. This guy can make a good clown! Sorry, I didn't mean any disrespect to jesters and jokers but Mahathir is a gagman who loves to engage in silly buffoonery. Yesterday, he said he took, but never sought, World Bank loans (Webpage, published December 20, 2011). Let’s give this story a rest – enough said!

Rwanda’s prisons are environmentally-friendly. The country’s 14 prisons have introduced biogas burners, so they are now 75% powered by the inmates’ own natural waste. The burners need one thing – a steady and regular supply of waste – and jails are perfect.

In this BBC News report dated December 18, 2011, the biogas is produced by combining the inmates’ waste from the twenty-four toilets in Nsinda Prison – almost eight thousand prisoners live here, most of them convicted of involvement in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide – with cow dung from the jail’s farm cows and water. The prisoners’ diet is not rich enough to produce top quality gas on its own but the pungent cocktail of human and bovine waste produces premium gas. The gas is created and stored in a series of twelve digesters – each digester is capable of holding 100 cubic meters (3,530 cubic feet) of biogas. This biogas generated accounts for 75% of energy needs inside the prison.

But it is not just about energy savings but also protecting Rwanda’s forests. At the moment, half of Nsinda Prison still runs on firewood chopped by the inmates – so if energy dependence is wholly on biogas, trees will be left alone!

Nsinda Prison has seen a 85% reduction in energy costs since switching to biogas. That translates into a $1.7 million saving on energy costs for all of Rwanda’s ultra-green poo-powered prisons.

I thought this is an awesome idea!

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