Friday, February 28, 2014

The Land of the Malays

Yesterday, another Malay supremacist clique ISMA demanded global recognition! He wanted Malaysia to be acknowledged as the land of the Malays. And I suppose, for the Malays and by the Malays. In other words, exclusively Tanah Melayu.

History of course tells of the land that was named after the Malay seafarers but that's in the past. After all, ownership is no more than coastal occupation and the backward somesault from Malaysia to 'Melayu-sia' is turning into a sick joke. And to inject humor, he further claimed that the Malay civilization was older than Angkor Wat or Borobudur.
Their vice-president Abdul Rahman Dali (above photo) also cited unspecified "scientific research" to come up with another scrap of bogus information: The Malay gene has been proven to exist before that of the Chinese!
This Abdul Rahman is obviously a loco. He's probably the only man who, if told to screw himself, could do it. And he is likely to enjoy it too. I don't understand why morons like him just love to make fun of their own stupidity!?!

Good news! Sunway University Toastmasters Club has earned the President Distinguished Club title! We have achieved 9 out of 10 goals.
Congratulations to leaders and members of the club – we did this for the second year running! Especially when we were only chartered on May 17, 2012.

Ukraine in Flames



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I did not blog about Ukraine because the calamity that the citizens were experiencing are becoming a little too familiar in many parts of the world. As in other places, the people are rising up against dictatorships. There were protests and killings and even more protests and killings.

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Ukraine, a former Soviet republic is caught between Europe and Russia. The trigger point for the crisis came in November last year, when Russian President Vladimir Putin (photo above, right)  talked the president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych (same photo, left), into walking away from a trade deal with the European Union. It was an obvious move because Russia clearly wanted Ukraine to stay within its broad sphere of influence.
But a protest against Yanukovych’s decision to abandon this partnership deal morphed into a mammoth – and violent – campaign to push him from power. He himself has become unpopular and opponents accuse him of having enriched himself, his family and cronies.
Besides, Viktor Yanukovych has the rare distinction of having been ousted twice from Ukraine's presidency after giant street protests. Anyway, it was the deaths of at least 88 civilians, many of them protesters shot dead by uniformed snipers in 48 hours of bloodshed in Kiev – between February 18-22, 2014 – that ultimately brought him down. The killings sent shockwaves around the world.
Under EU pressure he signed a deal to transfer powers to parliament and hold early elections. But within hours he had fled the capital and his administration collapsed.
As Ukraine's protest leaders and opposition moved to fill the power vacuum, Yanukovych stubbornly maintained he was still the lawfully elected president. He sought Russian protection and meanwhile, Kiev's new rulers have issued an arrest warrant for his role in the "mass murder of innocent civilians".

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taib Mahmud Finally Gives Notice

Powerful Chief Minister Taib Mahmud (left) handed his resignation letter to Sarawak governor Abang Muhammad Salahuddin on February 12, 2014. He also stepped down as assemblyman for Balingian and this was confirmed today by Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Speaker Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar. The latter said the letter was dated yesterday and is effective from tomorrow – which is the day the current governor's term ends. 

Balingian, which is in the Mukah parliamentary constituency, is now officially poised for a by-election, the country’s fourth. 

Taib gave his blessings to Adenan Satem to take over from him as the Sarawak chief minister. He himself is eyeing the job to be governor. 

But having Taib the crook in that position will bring Sarawak to disrepute. 

Constitutional expert Abdul Aziz Bari said Taib assuming the governorship will not necessarily provide him immunity from prosecution. It doesn’t mean that he can avoid answering for past allegations of corruption and misuse of power. Taib cannot run away.

Even as the nine Malay rulers are immune from legal proceedings in the courts, they can still be charged through a special court established under Article 182 of the Federal Constitution, 

Of course, whether he will be charged or not will depend on who is controlling Putrajaya, given same law and constitution. 

Yesterday, I attended the Subang Toastmasters meeting in Subang Jaya. I was there as the General Evaluator and it was a good meeting. It was good to see the three Afghan Toastmasters gung ho about doing their speeches! They have dual membership in both Extol and Subang! Talk about enthusiasm!  Anyway, although the meeting started on time, it finished 23 minutes behind schedule. I would give this meeting a score of 4 over 10.


MCA Chinese are Vipers and Vultures


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On Sunday, MCA resolved to reverse a ruling that bars its members from being appointed to government positions, including the federal cabinet. One thousand, nine hundred and seventy-three party delegates voted for the motion and only five objections and four abstentions were recorded at the EGM. 

There were however, reports of some 400 unhappy delegates who walked out while counting was taking place when they failed to garner the support needed to hold a secret ballot. So I am not even sure how they could have a near unanimous vote. Something doesn’t add up. 

The result overturns previous decisions which had prevented the party from being represented in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s cabinet. And to think that the party made a pledge that it won’t accept cabinet appointments unless it improved on its election result – which had been a cornerstone of its campaign ahead of polls last May. Of course, holding the Chinese community to ransom with that vow will not produce the desired effect as GE13 results have clearly shown. 

It is an amazing feat because nearly two thousand Chinese shouted ‘No’ when Chua Soi Lek was in charge and now when Liow Tiong Lai takes over, there was a ringing ‘Yes’ response. It has nothing to do with serving the Chinese community but it is about a self-serving quest to seek power and with it, the attendant rewards. 

These Chinese have no dignity, no honor and no self-worth! They are nothing more than whores! In fact, labeling them as whores is probably a tad too polite. These are the Chinese who give other Chinese a bad name – they are the vipers and vultures in human form. 

Celtic's record run of clean sheets finally ended on Tuesday as they suffered their first Scottish Premiership defeat of the season.

Jonny Hayes opened the scoring for Aberdeen in the forty-first minute with a ferocious 25-yard pile driver. And then Adam Rooney’s header from Niall McGinn's cross gave their team their second goal four minutes later. Celtic’s James Forrest pulled one back in the sixty-second minute but that was all they could do and the Scottish Premiership game ended with a 2-1 win for the Dons.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Don't Get Raped

This satirical video was inspired by advice posted on some US college websites that tell women how to avoid being raped. It speaks to the absurdity of placing responsibility and blame on the victim.

Yesterday, I was at Lorong Utara B in Petaling Jaya to participate in the club-level International Speech & Table Topics contests organized by Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club. There was decent competition with five contestants in each category. 

Again, I delivered an impromptu speech and I brought together elements of previous speeches and with pinches of originality, put together a speech that I called “Dream Chaser”. I used Flash and Usain Bolt as my reference points and soon the words excitedly rushed out to form a winning speech.

Yup, I won – and this means that I have achieved three victories in three clubs, i.e. MIMKL, AFC and Taman Indrahana, having emerged champion in the International Speech contests for the 2013-14 term.

I also won the Table Topics contest and I am likely to represent Taman Indrahana at the Area-level next.

I was at Block D, Platinum Sentral (in KL Sentral) for the SPAD Toastmasters meeting on Wednesday afternoon. I secured a speech slot – thank you, Vice President Education, Priya Thillainathan – and this was my CC speech #2 titled “Looking for a Rainbow”. This is Round 1 of Project 15 and my dedicated evaluator was Lucky. 

I also evaluated a SPAD member who did CC speech #4. Better still, I was voted Best Speaker and Best Evaluator. Certainly, this has been a good meeting and I am more than happy to give it a score of an 8 over 10. Still I cannot help but notice that when Priya is present, the meeting becomes well-organized and well-orchestrated.

A Sabahan Bishop Lashes Out

A Sabahan bishop launched a scathing attack on Christian political leaders who kept stoic silence even when confronted with “extremist elements of political Islam” who were targeting hardcore poor Sabahans for the purpose of carrying out dubious conversions.

Although Catholic Bishop Cornelius Piong (left) did not name the ministers, Sabah Christian ministers are Maximus Ongkili, Joseph Kurup and Ewon Ebin; while Christian ministers from Sarawak are Douglas Uggah Embas, Idris Jala, Joseph Entulu Anak Belaun and Richard Riot anak Jaem.  This group of political eunuchs have betrayed Sabahans (and Sarawakians).

He drew on history to explain this strange phenomenon of passive indifference – he said it was similar to when the then chief minister Mustapha Harun announced his unity policy of “one language, one culture, one religion” on August 01, 1972. 

Pressing further, the bishop said Christian leaders had kept mum when Mustapha in September the following year amended the state constitution to make Islam the state religion – which he said was in violation of the 20-point agreement that Sabah had insisted on before consenting to join Malaya, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia. 

He continued: “We only agreed to Islam being the religion of the federation and not Sabah and that Malaysia is to be a secular country.” 

Piong, a Kadazan tersely warned Christians: “The enemy is not only at our door, it has even entered into our midst." 

Piong, however, made it clear that the “enemy” was not a reference "to our Muslim brothers and sisters who we have been living side by side in good neighbourliness for generations”. He was referring to peninsular-based Islamic missionaries who have been accused of being behind some of the questionable conversions in the state. 

On New Year's day, about 64 people including children from three remote villages in Pitas in northern Sabah, were allegedly converted through deception and inducement. A month later, another round of conversions had apparently taken place, according to the Muslim missionary website, The Kembara Syahadah – this time involving at least 302 villagers from Pensiangan, another far-flung corner of the state. 

The bishop raised the mamangkis cry to rally his people to defend themselves against the encroachment of their Christian faith. [The mamangkis is an old Kadazan Dusun Murut war cry used by their pagan ancestors to rally warrior troops for battle. Now it has been adopted as a Christian clarion call for revival]. 

Spearheaded by Perpaduan Anak Negeri (PAN) Sabah, or the Native Solidarity of Sabah, which is less than four months old – there have been three such gatherings to date – the inaugural gathering in Penampang immediately after last Christmas, in Ranau last month and February 22, 2014 in Nabawan. 

Piong said the mamangkis was “to face the challenges confronting the church brought about by the extremism of political Islam” and was not to incite disaffection against the government nor against Islam. 

“The mamangkis is part of our cultural heritage, our identity as the definitive people of Sabah,” Piong added. 

I just came across the above Dilbert cartoons and I immediately began to think of my DIBA students. They are busy putting the finishing touches to their DMK1013 coursework, i.e. Business Plans and 2-minute promotional videos of products or businesses they intend to introduce into the market. 

This is the seventh and last week of a hectic teaching semester and my DIBA students are rushing to submit their projects. I am really looking forward to examine their output and which I am more than hopeful they will do well. If indeed I am right, then I would have done a good job!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Duck is the Victim

Red paint was splashed on the walls as well as the Malaysiakini signboard at the four-storey building in Bangsar Utama, Kuala Lumpur this morning. According to Malaysiakini graphic editor Azlan Zamhari who was first to arrive at the office at 6:15 AM, the paint was still a little wet.

And a package was left beside the main door and taped onto it was a photo of Seputeh MP Teresa Kok. There were other photos stuck on the wall of the office. These were wrapped in plastic bags into which rice grains had been placed.

And inside the cardboard box, there was a duck. Initially it was thought to be dead, as there was no movement. The box could not be opened all the way pending police investigations. However, when the cover was partially lifted about noon, it was found that the duck was alive, but barely moving.

Another innocent victim – this time, a duck!

"What did we ducks ever do to you?"

These thugs are not giving up anytime soon and the police don’t seem to be taking action. If it was Utusan Malaysia that is the target, you can bet that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi himself will almost immediately summon fully-armed men in balaclavas to storm homes and offices in a matter of minutes to collar the culprits.

I was the General Evaluator last evening at the Crystal Toastmasters meeting. An evening of good speeches and evaluations. I certainly enjoyed the meeting. I shall give this meeting a score of an 8.5 over 10.  I don't have to say too much because everything was superb!