Saturday, July 31, 2021

#Lawan Protest

Aggrieved Malaysians consisting mainly of youths assembled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur today to take part in the #Lawan protest. 

By 11:00 AM, the entire length of Jalan Tun Perak below the Masjid Jamed LRT Station was packed. I know this route only too well because I had also taken it once upon a time during the Bersih rallies. 

Chants of “Tolak Muhyiddin”, “Letak Jawatan” and “Bangkit Rakyat” echoed as protesters wearing masks and keeping their distance from one another began their march towards Dataran Merdeka – although police prevented them from entering the historic square. 

Organizers Sekretariat Solidariti Rakyat cited a crowd estimated at nearly 1,000 people while the police capped the number at 400. 

Whatever the case may be, many protesters brought banners and placards that read "Kerajaan Gagal" (Failed Government) while others unfurled black flags. 

There's no two ways about it, Muhyiddin Yassin and his whole Cabinet must resign! 

#KerajaanBodoh #KerajaanGagal

The fight must continue because the battle is far from over, people!

197 Million Cases and Singapore Plans a Return to Near Normalcy

The world is not in a good place right now. We're already weighed down with 197 million Covid cases and they show no promise of stalling or even rolling back. 

So I am right. We must live with Covid-19, no matter what. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is clingy and it has no intention to disengage from us. 

And Malaysia is really on a roll as we continue to step up another rung. We are #29 among countries cursed with the most number of infections todate. 

If you want to know, this is our Covid status as at yesterday:

Singapore, however, is in a much better situation than us. The island republic recorded just 139 cases yesterday, giving it a todate total of 64,681. And it has only 37 deaths overall. An envious record, to be sure!

This tiny red dot that is our neighbor believes that when the incidence of severe illness from Covid-19 remains low despite clusters emerging from time to time, it will eventually be able to arrive at a truly endemic state. This means all social and workplace restrictions can practically be lifted – although some critical measures, such as mask-wearing and precautions for large events may remain. 

Methinks, that is the path to follow. It's pretty much like what China has done. 

But the Covid predicament in Malaysia is way different and as I've repeatedly said, we do need to undertake blanket testing (I use the word 'blanket' rather than 'mass' testing, so that there is absolutely no room for misinterpretation and/or misunderstanding), isolate and quarantine and of course, vaccinate those who are vulnerable before we can arrive at where Singapore is at. 

Sure, we do all these but they tend to be on an ad-hoc basis and on a selective scale and which explains why we have ferocious spasms of Covid in our midst and with no end in sight.

Our problem is, we have twats and idiots in charge. Damn them! Because of them, we are in this Covid hellhole!

#KerajaanBodoh #KerajaanGagal  

Vegan Leather Made From Mangoes

Ready or not, veganism is getting into the mainstream. And it does seem that more and more people are joining the plant-based movement. 

In fact, people cite one or more of three key motives for going vegan – animal welfare, environmental concerns and personal health – and this is accompanied by an endless array of new business startups, cookbooks, YouTube channels, trendy events and polemical documentaries (“advocacy films”). 

A sample of the ever-growing range of vegan products. Image credit: Jill Mead/The Guardian 

It is said the traditional food industry is already desperately trying to catch up with the flourishing grassroots demand. 

If you don't already know, Guinness had gone vegan when they stopped using fish bladders in their brewing process, after two and a half centuries. 

In the UK, restaurant chain, Wagamama have introduced a vegan menu. Pizza Hut have joined Pizza Express and Zizzi in offering vegan pizzas. Marks & Spencer and Pret a Manger have introduced vegan ranges. And Tesco have a position called director of plant-based innovation. 

The latest is a company in the Netherlands that are utilizing what would otherwise be wasted food to create vegan leather. 

Fruitleather Rotterdam receive free leftover mangoes from the quality control sector of a Dutch fruit company and breaks it down to a puree to be turned into a durable, cruelty-free leather alternative:


What will they think of next?

Slowly and steadily, it looks like the world is embracing a plant-based lifestyle. I suppose that promotes sustainability and it can only be good for the battered and beleagured world.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Covid Numbers Are Not Taking the Plunge

Malaysia's Covid numbers are still stuck in the 5-digit territory. And there's no sign whatsoever that they are going to take the plunge. 

On the matter of SOPs, housing developers have been allowed to operate under Phases 1 and 2 of the NRP since Tuesday. 

Meanwhile, EMCOs are aggressively germinating and sprouting everywhere – more so in states that have already transitioned to Phase Two. Tell me, what is the meaning of this?

If you can recall, my July 14 post mentioned about the creation of the ‘Greater Klang Valley’ task force. 

And Dr Chong Chee Kheong (left) who is deputy Health director-general (public health) and head of the Greater Klang Valley Special Task Force said something really idiotic on Wednesday: "It is important to appreciate that the size of the outbreak is far larger than the numbers detected each day". 

He added that many asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic individuals, are not aware of their infection and are spreading the virus. 

Of course lah! Just by giving a cursory glance at our Covid numbers, any fool will know that! Go on, tell us something new that we don't already know!

We are more interested to know your decisions and solutions that can scale down our infection and death rates. 

So, if you have any grey matter up there, please use it! And in case you're still at-a-loss, I'll give you a helpful hint: Consider the fact that I've been advocating blanket testing of the population. 

I just wish those people entrusted to do a job to please stop making frivolous statements – and focus on doing their effing job! Is it too much to ask?

Red is the Preferred Hair Color

LOL, I just read an article that informs me that a goodly number of women are sporting red hair! 

According to the website Justmylook, there has been a 163% spike in demand for the color since the July 9th release of the movie Black Widow. 

I suppose lots of women who sat through two hours and 14 minutes of a flick about a female spy having to deal with her dark past, and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger, had coolly emerged from the cinema thinking: “Ooh, I bet I’d look lovely with her hair”. 

In truth, that’s the extent of this news story. There was a film, people went to watch the film and, then decided to copy the color of Natasha Romanoff's hair. 

It didn't happen with any previous Marvel films, did it? It’s weird nobody sent out a press release telling us that people were so inspired by The Incredible Hulk that sales of ragged purple trousers shot up by 1,000% in the weeks after its release. It’s weird that there wasn’t a noticeable uptick in the number of men with fussy little goatee beards shortly after Iron Man came out. 

What could possibly be different about Black Widow? It could be that audiences are happy that she has nice hair in this feature because it is set before the events of Avengers: Endgame, wherein half of the planet’s hairdressers were snapped into dust by a vengeful bald alien. It could be because we know Romanoff perishes in search of the Soul Stone, and people are adopting her hair color as a way of holding onto her legacy. 

Then again, maybe it could be something else. There’s a wonderful compilation video on YouTube in which Scarlett Johansson (who plays Romanoff) suffers through question after inane question posed to her by reporters about Black Widow’s appearance. 

Her co-stars are asked about stunts and character motivation, and she is asked what food she had to eat to get in shape? How does it feel to be a sex symbol? What are Black Widow’s key fashion elements? Does she wear knickers under her jumpsuit? 

Perhaps this latest news, that the main thing audiences are taking from Black Widow (right) is her lovely shiny hair, is an extension of that same trend. 

Maybe this is just a frivolous post that's an excuse to write about Black Widow. Or it's because I stumbled upon a silly stat that made me want to write a post around it. 

I don't know but I reckon, it’s still interesting to learn that 163% more women have become redheads than before Black Widow came out. That’s something, right?

Liverpool were back in action yesterday – this time against Hertha Berlin. 

The Reds played in front of their biggest crowd since the pandemic, with 15,000 fans in attendance in the very scenic Tivoli Stadium, Innsbruck in the Austrian Alps. 

It represented a tougher assignment and even though the Reds played well, the Bundesliga club still overcame them by a 4-3 score. 

Next up for Liverpool is a meeting with Serie A side Bologna next Thursday, with two 60-minute games taking place in Evian, France.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

On a Collision Course

The whole of Malaysia cannot but know that the Perikatan Nasional government have wilfully hoodwinked Parliament and the rakyat when on Monday, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Parliament and Law), Takiyuddin Hassan (right) declared that all Emergency Ordinances had been revoked 5 days earlier. Effective July 21.

This is of course, a big lie because the instrument of revocation has not been presented to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and neither has he given his royal assent. 

Today, the King (right) stressed that Takiyuddin’s July 26 remarks in Parliament were inaccurate and misleading and had confused MPs. 

The King even sounded his displeasure that his “titah” (command) to the Law Minister and the Attorney General during a virtual meeting on July 24 that the revocation of the Emergency Ordinances be tabled and debated in Parliament was not complied with. 

Given the above, backdoor prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin (left) must take responsibility for this deceit and RESIGN! 

But another twist to the saga came when the Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement maintaining that the government's actions in revoking the Emergency Ordinances were in accordance with the provisions of the law and the Federal Constitution. 

There’s also an assertion in the said PMO statement that “the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is aware that he needs to accept and act in accordance with the advice of the cabinet, as stated in Article 40 of the Federal Constitution". 

This reiteration can only mean one thing – the government are challenging the King. 

To show they mean business, Deputy Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob (right) even claims that “more than 110” MPs are “with the government”. 

It becomes clear that Muhyiddin has no intention to bow out and he wants to hold onto power at all costs! 

Methinks, all these have the makings of a constitutional crisis!

#KerajaanKhianat #KerajaanPintuBelakang

196 Million Cases and Douglas Lim’s “Air Siam vs Covid” Skit

The Covid pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on the world – and already the global caseload has gone up to 196 million and not to mention, 4.2 million people have dead. 

And Zimbabwe and Cyprus are countries #104 and #105 to have joined C100K:

I’ve been diligently reporting on Covid and I’m getting really tired of how Malaysia in particular is tackling the pandemic. Thanks to a bungling government, it is an EPIC FAIL!

#KerajaanBodoh #KerajaanGagal 

In order to keep my sanity, methinks I deserve a laugh or two – and I have Malaysian comedian, Douglas Lim on “Air Siam vs Covid” to thank for this skit:

Malaysia's Parliament Meet...Finally

Finally, Malaysia's Parliament reconvened on July 26 – the first time that lawmakers gathered in the House of Representatives (or Dewan Rakyat) after a state of emergency was declared in January. 

If you have read the news of the proceedings, you’ll know the backdoor government with the collusion from the Speaker have turned it into a sham. 

Opposition lawmakers opened Monday’s Special Parliamentary Sitting by launching a verbal offensive against the Dewan Rakyat Speaker, hurling accusations that included an allegation of treason for failing to facilitate debate on the Proclamation of Emergency. 

Worse, the chicken-shit of a prime minister presented a briefing paper on the Covid-19 National “Recovery” Plan – but after he had finished, he quietly and quickly made an exit. During the question-and-answer session, he was already nowhere to be found! 

Of course, this caused an uproar among opposition parliamentarians and it is proof that Muhyiddin Yassin is a pussy, a scaredy-cat, a big girl’s blouse! 

Malaysians are calling out to be saved from their own government. I want to make it clear though that this is not the government we elected but a scheming backdoor government. 

#KerajaanBodoh #KerajaanGagal

Beleaguered Celtic's Champions League hopes ended in the second qualifying round yesterday when they lost by two goals to one. This is the second consecutive year as the Scottish side were undone in extra time by Denmark's Midtjylland.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Mental Health Illustrated

For some good old-fashioned light-hearted wit, look no further than Constant Bagel Therapy. (Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with bagels and everything to do with wordplay). 

Characteristically, line drawings of comical puns. Meaningful illustrations about mental health. Very relatable – at least, to me. 

The artist behind the Instagram account Constant Bagel Therapy calls himself/herself a “creative dork”. The only one thing I know about him/her, is that he/she is from Leicester, UK. 

Against a white background, a few black lines give life to humanoid characters that mirror universal feelings and emotions. From everyday frustrations related to work, small failures and moments of discouragement, to motivational images that make a whole lot of sense. 

These drawings were found on online magazine Bored Panda – thanks to contributor, Hidreley Diao: 

Thumbs Up to Burger King’s Chocolate Melt

Burger King’s Chocolate Melt Beefacon and Chocolate Melt Chick ‘N Crisp are covered in a chocolate sauce and served with a sesame bun. I'm expecting this combination of sweet and savoury to be a knockout.

And so, on Sunday, I had the Chocolate Melt Beefacon – and I didn’t regret my decision one bit. The chocolate burger tastes exactly like how I imagined it to be,  sensory-wise! 

Tastefully titillating is how I'd describe it!  

Make no mistake, it's still a flame-grilled burger that essentially consists of two patties drizzled with decadent chocolate sauce, together with other fillings.  

This add-on brings another dimension to the overall taste experience because of the chocolaty sweetness that is thick and smooth and creamy as it glazes my tongue, delighting it and leaving behind a velvety after-taste. 

Wow, wow, wow!!!

And to cap this sinful adventure, I had a Coke to wash it all down.

P.S. If I have any suggestion for improvement, I would wish for a more generous chocolate topping.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Hartal Doktor Kontrak on July 26

#HartalDoktorKontrak saw Malaysian junior doctors and medical officers at most public hospitals nationwide staging a walkout yesterday to express dissatisfaction with the government’s treatment of contract doctors. 

Despite heavy police presence at the hospitals and potential disciplinary action by their Ministry of Health superiors, the walkout was held peacefully and in an organized manner. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, these protesters used the short walkout to make their voices heard all over the country before returning to their duties so as to not disrupt any ongoing patient treatments. 

I hope they won’t give up the fight! #LawanTetapLawan