Thursday, July 22, 2021

Magic From Tan Gaik Hoon

Tan Gaik Hoon is a rare gem of an artist. A cultural prodigy. A virtuoso. 

I can admit I may be partial to anything that's related to Peranakan culture – but the fact is it's rare to find artwork that is more persnickety than hers. After all, she is a stickler for detail and she paints with fastidious care. Indeed, her paintings are remarkable for their accuracy. 

She tells me she even dresses up in a baju kebaya and poses alongside Peranakan artefact(s). Her hubby expertly takes a photograph and that becomes a precious visual reference.

I would readily go so far as to say she conjures magic. Instead of a wand, she picks a paintbrush.

As it frolics on a blank sheet, forms bathed in a myriad of colors emerge to take shape, the details dancing with self-assured grace. The length and breadth of the canvas soon surrenders itself to imagery that betrays its elaborate beauty. 

The product of the painter’s brilliance does leave me with a spellbinding impression that is both enticing and enchanting. Old World charm beckons. And the Peranakan universe reveals itself in order that I can fully savor it. 

Last Thursday, I had featured Tan Gaik Hoon – and showcased eight of her compositions. Today, I will spotlight another eight. 

To me, her Peranakan series is her magnum opus. And you should know she’s done well over 200 paintings since she started fourteen years ago. 

I readily acknowledge that I’m biased – so be it. Her art has doubtlessly bewitched me. I trust you feel the same way I do. 

Note: For any enquiries please go to her Facebook page, "Tan Gaik Hoon's Paintings” and leave her a message.

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