Friday, July 2, 2021

183 Million Cases and Time to Re-think Covid Response

Worldwide, the coronavirus infection tally has accumulated to 183 million cases. 

It would appear that I am right after all – that Covid-19 will not go away! Or maybe, never ever go away! 

We must accept that we can’t go on with lockdowns and restrictions forever – we’ll need to learn to get on with our lives as normal as we can. Or else, the human suffering from job losses and depleted savings will haunt the economy for a long time to come. 

Already, foodbanks and the ‘white flag’ community initiative that are spreading far and wide are indicative of a fast deteriorating situation in Malaysia. Families are going hungry and the government still don’t get it.

I’m saying a re-think on how to tackle Covid is needed. I'm suggesting we should treat Covid like other maladies – influenza, chickenpox, malaria, hand, foot and mouth disease – that visit us on a pretty regular basis. 

Also, I’m thinking of stopping the Covid count. I’m wanting to cease tracking the numbers once the 200 million mark is reached. Hey, Life must go on, it’s just Covid! 

This is intended to signal that I’m looking ahead and not let Covid govern my life. 

This mandates us to depend on our natural immunity – don’t underestimate it! – or in the case of those who are vulnerable, health-wise, to get their jabs (including booster shots) – as our defense against Covid. 

Vaccines, after all, help prevent severe symptoms – and what’s important is that they are effective in reducing the risk of infection as well as transmission. And even if you get Covid, it won’t get too serious. 

Methinks, it’s time to start living again!

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