Monday, December 19, 2011

Egypt Erupts Again

Egypt is again in the grip of fiery protests as its citizens clamored for an immediate handover to civilian rule. Although Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February and the country’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces took power – protesters have called for the ouster of Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Mubarak’s long-time defence minister who heads the SCAF.

Criticisms against the SCAF have been gathering momentum, with Egyptians blaming the military council for the chaotic transition to democratic rule. The military's perceived reluctance to prosecute members of the former regime and cleanse public institutions of former regime members has sparked suspicions that the SCAF is colluding with the ousted leadership to start a counter-revolution by perpetuating a state of violent uncertainty.

The country has seen tens of thousands of people pack Cairo’s Tahrir Square as well as other cities to demand that the army transfer power to civilian rule. The military insisted it will hand over power after a presidential election, which has yet to be scheduled. To make matters worse, the military appointed Kamal al-Ganzouri – who served under Mubarak – as prime minister last month. Egyptians have accused the military of trying to entrench its position. As protesters dug in, the police and military responded violently.

Below are photos of the deadly clashes in Cairo:

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Photo by Mahmud Khaled, AFP

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