Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not a Bribe, says Awang Adek

David Chong and I just had a leisurely breakfast this morning - and this is possible only because I went through three continuous days of feverish exam-script marking and survived! There's other unfinished work, that's for sure, but the painful ordeal is nearly coming to an end. Oh, the joy of having even a simple breakfast of noodles! It is a great morning!

I am not sure why these photos were taken but y'know David - he's always wanting to capture moments like this for posterity.

Awang Adek, the Deputy Finance Minister (left) had refuted allegations by an anonymous blogger that he had received more than RM100,000 in “contributions” in stages from Yahya Abdul Jalil, a Johor UMNO division leader whose company won a Public Works Department contract.

Awang did however admit that he had received cash contributions via his personal account, as alleged by ‘Thewhistleblower711′, but he claimed the deposits were donations for social programmes in Bachok, Kelantan, where he served as its MP in 2004. Therefore, it cannot be considered a bribe because those who made contributions did so without expecting any favors. Obviously, this generosity was kept secret and only revealed now by the whistleblowing blogger – and he had, in fact, published purported copies of the cheques and cash deposit receipts involved in the transactions.

The MACC has confirmed that it is investigating the matter but don’t expect anything, okay?

Apart from Awang, the blogger had named two aides to the prime minister and deputy prime minister. Asked about this, Awang said he has no inkling as to why the duo have been named and said he has no links to them.

“My conscience is clear,” he added. Yeah, right, and cows can fly! Besides, people like him don't even know what shame is!

Both Liverpool and Blackburn Rovers earned a draw in this Monday match. It was the former’s Charlie Adam, who, when challenged by Mauro Formica, sliced into his own net (45) to give the latter a gift goal. But the Reds pulled level soon after the restart as Maxi Rodriguez nodded in a volleyed cross from Martin Skrtel (53). This is Liverpool’s sixth home draw of the season.

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