Friday, December 23, 2011

Lady Gaga in 2011

They say that Lady Gaga’s year really began in an egg. And that’s how she arrived at the Grammys in February, encased in a large, translucent pod carried by scantily-clad dancers. Yes, she “hatched” onstage, giving birth to Born This Way, and performing the eponymous lead single of her second studio album and anthem to self-acceptance. In 2011, the album would carry her around the world, where she rarely went unnoticed, as you can imagine! Check out these photos that I had specially selected from Lady Gaga’s wardrobe in 2011:

Images credit:, accessed December 23, 2011.

A year of globe-trotting and relentless advocacy of tolerance, Lady Gaga has been voted Entertainer of the Year by members of the Associated Press. This was no mean feat as she narrowly edged out the late Apple founder Steve Jobs by only three votes! (The Star, December 21, 2011, p 47).

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