Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mahathir Still Denies

The day before yesterday, Mahathir has again denied asking the World Bank for help. Please lah, Malaysians – are you doubting his honesty? He really didn’t do it! Probably someone under PKR’s payroll must have hacked into the World Bank database and inserted those irrefutable records into their database. Yeah, that must be it! Poor Mahathir – these unappreciative Malaysians are forever blaming him!

And Najib Razak always wanting to cozy up to Mahathir, yesterday, backed the latter’s denial of having previously requested loans from the World Bank, and described the allegations against the former prime minister as “nonsense.” Najib, if you have nothing intelligent to say, just shut up!

There is no point in making any more comments on this case because the records confirmed it all!

Last evening I was at the Friendship Toastmasters meeting. I had commited to evaluate Grace Tan's advanced speech and I kept my promise – even though I knew it was going to be challenging to give feedback to an eloquent speaker. Still, I thought I did rather well. I marvelled that five AFC Toastmasters came to listen to Tan - after all, this was her tenth Advanced speech that will now qualify her for the Advanced Communicator Bronze award! Finally! I am happy for her that she is continuing her speeches because her Club members and others deserve to learn from good speakers like her. Believe me, these days, it is not often that we can be enthralled, enraptured and enchanted by good speeches because good speakers are a rarity. This meeting heard two speeches. One was from Tan who entertained the audience with a light-hearted after-dinner speech that was filled with anecdotes and humor. The other was the exact opposite - he presented a speech that was like a flickering fire that labored and sputtered and died before being rekindled, only to labor and sputter and die again. And again. And again. An oral prattle that was slumberous as it was tiresome. And my vexation was made complete when the meeting finally concluded, thirty-five minutes beyond the planned time. I will have to give this meeting a score of a 4 out of a 10.

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