Saturday, December 24, 2011

Evra Accuses Suarez

According to tradition, the omens are good for 2012 after the sun shone on Stonehenge in England, during a dawn ceremony to mark the winter solstice. If this is true, I cannot wait for 2012!!

Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra face-off during Premier League clash on October 15, 2011. Image credit:

MU’s left-back Patrice Evra who had accused Luis Suarez of racial abuse should be able to gloat now that the Liverpool forward has been found guilty of misconduct. On Tuesday, the latter has been slapped with an eight-match ban and fined £40,000 – this is merely based on what Patrice said he was called!

I understand that Suarez was charged for calling Evra "Negro", a term that across Hispanic-speaking countries in Latin America is frequently used. I also read that Evra called Suarez – in a very pejorative manner if I am to believe the news article published by UK’s Daily Telegraph – “a South American" and he still got away scot-free! I believe we have to look at this whole case in the correct context. I don't think it is fair to only consider what Suarez said and not look at the other’s remark(s)!

In the interest of justice, I would also like to know if the English FA’s Independent Disciplinary Commission can produce any evidence to show Suarez was indeed guilty? I am concerned that the verdict was reached based on one person’s accusation. Is there anybody who can corroborate Evra’s complaint?

Justice meted out must not only be fair but be seen to be fair.

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