Saturday, September 8, 2012

Swiss Probe is Politically-motivated

When allegations involving a political figure are made, I would expect that person to deny or disprove those very allegations. Or even just keep quiet and not say anything. But in the case of the Swiss investigation into UBS links to Musa Aman, it is curious for a civil servant to respond. Sam Mannan, the Sabah Forestry Department director released a statement yesterday that the allegations were unfounded and that they were politically motivated. He seemed to be speaking on behalf of Musa as if he is beholden to the latter. This person who is supposed to be apolitical is making political noises – very unbecoming!

Anyway, not surprisingly, Mannan confirmed that there was indeed illegal logging in the state, although he disputed the $90 million because that would be equivalent to 20,000 hectares of forests being felled, which he said was “exaggerated” – if you read my blogpost dated September 04, 2012 at this link
, there was no mention that all of $90 million was timber profits – so this guy was jumping the gun! Now the disconcerting part! If the criminal money laundering probe into UBS is not just about the proceeds from illegal logging, it means that there were other illicit sources of funds! Now what has Musa Aman been up to?

But the whole point of the matter is that there is nothing to be afraid of if you did no wrong! Just tell Musa to give his full cooperation to the Swiss government and all will be well – if he is clean, that is!

The SUBS Student Concilium organized SUBS Week last week and it started on a high note on Monday when Evan Chang and other SUBS students presented a queue of high-energy dances – check out the flash mobsters below!

And although I missed the events on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I did participate along with other faculty members in “The Amazing Race” on Friday. My team came in ninth position – not bad, eh?

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