Thursday, September 27, 2012

Samsung Fights On

When it comes to the iPhone, I know there will be lots of excited people who will jump up and down with irrepressible glee and maybe even salivate just thinking about it! And it is said that Apple Inc’s marketing is great because it can get otherwise sensible consumers to buy a gadget that they don’t really need, but think they can’t live without.

Still this does not discourage Samsung and it ran a big campaign for the Galaxy S III that began in June and included ads on television, online, in print and in outdoor areas.

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A headline on a Samsung ad that ran in newspapers on September 09, days before Apple introduced its iPhone, says, “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here.” [Samsung used a similar tag line in 2011, “The Next Big Thing Is Here,” to promote its 4G service and the Galaxy S II].

Television ads for that campaign showed people waiting in line for the latest Apple device while Samsung owners showed off the features of phones they already had – check out this video clip:

I think this ad tries to tell everybody that Samsung Galaxy S3 is a story about innovation although Apple fans will surely dispute this. It is also about wanting to educate consumers. The Samsung people might believe, rightly or wrongly that those who aspire to own Apple’s latest product have been led down a blind alley where innovation has stopped a long time ago.

Whether we can agree with the above perspective or not, it cannot be denied that Apple has a devout following that is hugely massive that Samsung, hard as it tries, it knows it cannot convert the Apple zealots. So last Friday, unsurprisingly, we saw a repeat of the now familiar global ritual when Apple enthusiasts jammed stores across the globe to pick up the tech juggernaut's iPhone 5.

Of course, Apple trumpeted its success, boasting that it sold more than 5 million of the iPhone 5 in three days and breaking a record set by the previous model. According to most news reports, it was an immesnsely successful debut for the iPhone, responsible for about two-thirds of profit and crucial to fuelling the growth that transformed Apple from a niche computer maker into the world’s most valuable company. [Last year, the iPhone 4S sold 4 million units in its debut weekend].

But when we wave away the euphoria – we cannot deny that the iPhone 5, like its predecessors, is a product that is evolutionary, rather than revolutionary; an improvement rather than a game changer. If Apple devotees say the iPhone 5 is a better product – then it must be true! After all, it is a significant improvement over the iPhone 4S.

By this Friday, the iPhone 5 will be in 31 countries, and will be in 100 by the end of the calendar year. That would be 30 more than the rollout of the predecessor phone, the 4S, over a similar period, one analyst calculated.

Still, there will be both praises and criticisms. The truth of the matter is that the people who will buy iPhone 5 are themselves Apple loyalists. And it is also winning a good many converts to the Apple cause.

For sure, the magic of Apple lives on. Samsung, on the other hand, must do things differently. It must seek its own path to fame and glory. That is the real marketing challenge. And the first thing to do is to nurture and build its brand.

Here's the (unofficial) “Apple” response:


Unknown said...

Its true when you say that Iphone creates a need when it is actually not a necessity but somehow Iphone managed to create loyal fans.This can be seen in the ads itself that the loyal fans of iphone are willing to wait in line for hours to get the latest apple product.
Honestly,eventhough I'm an Iphone user but i like the idea of how samsung showed off the features of their latest phone in the ads telling people that you dont have to wait for other stuffs like apple when you can get everything that Apple has in Samsung s3 easily without having to wait for hours and in fact cooler.
You mentioned that S3 is a story about innovation but critiques have said that the only reason why samsung can never be as good as apple is because Samsung always steal people's idea. They tend to take people's ideas and then modify it and make it their own when in reality,it is actually not by them.
My arguments can be supported by "".
Despite of all this critiques about samsung by others, I feel that Samsung has its own competitive advantages and if they continue to know better of their strengths and weaknesses on where to improve and such,who knows,Iphone users will start switching to Samsung like how most Blackberry users have switched to other brands like Iphone and HTC..And we will never know Samsung might be better than Iphone one day since they are catching up so fast.

Unknown said...

Wew! both adv video are Awesome but also poor! why i said so? because I couldn't find the point they have to attack each other in adv, kind of childish... However, I am not agree that samsung is copying apple as people argue with. reason being.. the product which created by samsung is smart phone whereby some companies are also having a smart phone such as motorolla from sony and nokia with Lumia. logically, it just like a shampoo when clear is having a hair-fall shampoo a year after that, Pantene also has the hair-fall shampoo which also fill the CUSTOMER NEEDS and might be better than clear, is that consider copying the idea? if clear is the prior innovator of the product people will just say "clear is developer for this innovation" and that's it.Subsequently in this context apple company have to re evaluate again their strategy in global, not only concentrating on how to attack Samsung but how to regain the VALUE of their product to satisfy their customer needs. If steve job still alive he might say Apple CEO of the people in charge of this adv is nonsense

Unknown said...

Apple has lost its magic. Of course, the magic you are referring to is different from mine. yours, is the magic Steve Jobs created, the Apple brand in the mind of the customers. Whereas mine, is the magic of Apple's marketing. They have lost the cockiness in their ways of marketing.
Losing Steve Jobs is a huge disadvantage to Apple. He simply have the power to convince people that their product is awesome. Tim Cook have tried really hard to copy his style, but at the end, he is still not Jobs. The keynote by Tim is just awful. He wasn't the one presenting most of the time.
Speaking of cockiness, Jobs have never bow down to anyone before. 2 years ago, when the iPhone 4 was launch, it is a great breakthrough with their new antenna. However, it was flawed with the 'Antennagate' issue. But, Steve still did not apologize. I think its this level of cockiness that made Apple's brand so strong. This year, Apple have decided to come out with their own map. Which got humiliated by most of its competitors, saying the apple map will get you lost. Few days ago, Tim apologize for that issue and suggest users to look for other alternatives. WHAT HAPPEN TO APPLE? Have they gone soft? Is the new product really that bad? Thats what I think some of us will be thinking.
A few years back, when Blackberry tried to humiliate Apple with their ads, Apple fought back. This year, Samsung did the same to Apple. But i have yet seen Apple fought back. Most of it has been done by Apple's fans.
Some people have pull some pranks on iPhone lovers.

Look at them. Probably this is the magic you are talking about. But I wonder how long could it last. Most of my iPhone friends have been thinking to switch. The word of mouth created by Samsung users seems to be working well for Samsung.
I personally think that, Apple need to introduce something new that consider 'True Innovation' to survive in a long run. To me, next year is their last chance to impress us with their new iPhone. Of course some will say with much confidence there wont be much innovation from 5 to 5S, assuming their new product will carry the name of 5S. But i still have faith in the next iPhone because they have skipped two year of true innovation after the launch of the first iPhone.
Judging by their record braking sales, i may be wrong. The Apple brand in the consumer's mind is just too strong. Its not something Samsung can beat so easily.But that doesnt mean Samsung can't. From the lawsuit earlier this month, we can see that Samsung is really strong and they wont go easy.
People may say Samsung is merely copying other products. but that's their strength, they can do that and still amaze consumers.
Sometimes, i find Samsung's tagline really stupid. But apart from that, i think they have done very well in terms of Marketing. They are very smart in beating Apple with the specification sheet. Of course, the iPhone have better scores in benchmark most of the time, but consumers don't often sees it.
Apart from Samsung and Apple, have everyone forgotten about Nokia? In some ways, Nokia have made me believe they are coming back. Coming to claim back its title of market leader. The Lumia 920 is more Apple than iPhone 5. This is only my point of view. They may stand a chance, with Microsoft at their back. But Samsung have Google. Microsoft just never seems to improve much. But who knows, they might have something up their sleeves. If they can beat Apple's app store, then they have a great chance.