Monday, September 3, 2012

Police and Army Snub Selangor Merdeka Bash

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The Selangor Merdeka celebration was well, different! The Sultan wasn’t invited and both the police and the Malaysian armed forces had pulled out of the parade which took place on the night of of August 31 at Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam.

When the police and soldiers take side, you know it's time for change! Wait, aren’t they supposed to be apolitical? WTF?!?!

Did anybody know if these two parties were also absent from Najib Razak’s Merdeka-disguised political rally at the Bukit Jalil Stadium on the same evening? Didn’t I say that Najib’s speech was political?

It is probable that they were just following orders. They did it because they were instructed to do so. The minister in charge of the police is Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein while the defence minister is Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Both are UMNO vice-presidents.

I wish that just once, can we not have any more idiots in leadership positions that make the country a laughing stock? Again, caught with his pants down, all the Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah could say was that his men and women were needed to control traffic. I thought Hishamuddin is getting Mat Rempits to do the policing job?

Ahhh, I know why the police were not there at the parade! They were busy looking for new jobs since Mat Rempits are taking over, if we believe the Home Minister!

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