Friday, September 14, 2012

Dance of Passion

Yesterday, I blogged about the sensational dance that featured scintillating stars who showed off their sexy moves. I even showed the photos. Now, here’s the video clip! All ten minutes of it! This must be the celebration of Energy, Enthusiasm and Excellence that SEG meant! Enjoy!

An Australian diplomat has told The Malaysian Insider that Lynas Corporation has applied to Australia to import radioactive residue from its controversial rare earth refinery in Gebeng.

Malaysia’s nuclear regulator AELB had finally affirmed that the Australian miner was legally bound to remove radioactive waste from its Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) and return the residue to Australia under conditions of the TOL.

But this same individual who declined to be named said Putrajaya and Lynas bore responsibility over the disposal of radioactive waste from the RM2.5 billion rare earth refinery. He insisted that “long-standing Australian government policy is that Australia does not accept other countries’ radioactive waste.”

Lynas must be optimistic but let's give the Aussies the benefit of doubt and see if they will budge from their established policy.

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