Monday, September 10, 2012

Johore Sultan's Royal Advice

The Johor Sultan who attended the Special Forces anniversary day celebrations at Kem Iskandar in Mersing, Johore on Saturday gave very sound advice and in the process, he raised a very interesting question. The Sultan had reminded arms vendors (i.e. mostly retired army generals), not to raise the prices of equipment supplied to the armed forces. He said that these providers should ensure the quality of the equipment supplied.

Then, he urged the Defence Ministry to carefully control and scrutinise all purchases. He highlighted the fact that recently four Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV) were purchased for RM2.76 million or RM690,000 each (Webpage
, published September 09, 2012). Next, Sultan Ibrahim displayed one of the said RIV vehicles and another personal vehicle that he purchased for only RM150,000. You do know what he is trying to allude to, kan? The difference is enormous, i.e. RM540,000!

“Which of these will be your choice? I do not understand why government purchases involve exorbitant charges that do not make sense,” Sultan Ibrahim Ismail, who is also a Colonel in the Special Forces, said. Neither do I. But then again, why should anybody be surprised? Hehe, this is Malaysia!

On the same day, in another part of Johore (i.e. Muar), Muhyiddin Yassin said UMNO would sack members if they sabotage party candidates in the next general election. If he can express this – he already knows that even UMNO members are intending to desert in droves and support PR. Why shouldn’t they? UMNO members have not benefitted anything by being true-blue to UMNO – the ones that are grinning and even laughing all the way to the bank are the UMNO political elite who received generous handouts and won lucrative projects. Ordinary members are forgotten; mere pawns in this chessboard of UMNO politics.

I don’t think he dares to make good his threat. UMNO membership will dwindle overnight. As ex-UMNO stalwart, Aspan Alias noted in his blog yesterday that 1.5 million UMNO members decisively voted for the opposition in the last 'tsunami' general election (Blogpage, dated September 09, 2012). How many were actually sacked for this act of sabotage?

It is their freedom whom to vote for – why should they support UMNO when it is riddled with corruption and cronyism? When the Malay agenda becomes the UMNO-putra agenda? When Malays are told to be loyal so that they can be manipulated by the UMNO aristocracy? I don’t believe UMNO Malays are so stupid that they are not aware of the political chicanery of their own leaders? It is time UMNO Malays awaken!

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