Friday, September 21, 2012

Sukan 1Malaysia

The news that some 78,000 or 20% of the 390,000 newly registered voters in Selangor could not be verified by the state government – as reported by The Sun on Wednesday (p 07) is indeed worrying. If they cannot be accounted for – then doesn’t this lend credence to PR’s claims that we have a suspect electoral roll? As is oft repeated, the EC office-bearers must resign for their abject failure to pay heed to complaints of irregularity and take the necessary corrective action to clean up the roll.

When Najib Razak said he will win back Selangor no matter what, is it any wonder that PR must exercise extreme caution when deciding when to call for the state election? PR must think strategically before deciding whether to have it concurrently with the federal election.

Don’t forget that Najib had installed himself as the Selangor UMNO chief and so, he is determined to wrest back Selangor for UMNO. Otherwise, the politicians in his camp will be starved of the free-flowing freebies that come by controlling the state government. And he will lose influence and even face.

We all know Najib is desperate to win! And not just in Selangor. Check out this Najib video clip:

Yesterday, Sunway University Toastmasters Club had their meeting and it was very well-attended. Again, there were good speeches and evaluations. I am fortunate that we continue to draw Toastmasters from other clubs to support us at our meetings – last evening, there were friends from Taman Indrahana, Money & You, MIMKL, Kuantan and UniRazak. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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