Sunday, September 16, 2012

God Bless Malaysia!

Today is Malaysia Day. I challenge Malaysians to reflect on the state of our beloved country. Where is our country heading to, I ask? I am clearly worried. And alarmed. Even fearful.

Instead of giving me reasons to rejoice, I see racial and religious divisions. I see a polarization of society. I see the ascendancy of right-wingers who are determined to re-write history and turn this country into a Malay-centric universe. And who just love to scream their heads off that Malays and Islam are under threat; that non-Malays are pendatangs; and that we who are Malaysians should be grateful we are accepted in this country. I see a society that is being slowly torn apart due to rising crime. And a rising cost of living that is causing much grief amongst low-income families, not to mention that wages are still frozen in time, being unable to keep pace with rising prices. I see the criminalization of segments of society who are different. I see the seeds of hate being planted by politicians who should know better. I see the fragmentation of a once-harmonious society. And I see the falsehood of 1Malaysia that Najib preaches.

The above are my concerns. Am I misguided? I don't think so. On the eve of Malaysia Day, the Prime Minister himself made a speech in his own constituency of Pekan, Pahang warning the UMNO Malays that the 13th general election is not an ordinary election. Instead, it will determine the survival of the Malays. He reminded them that if the Malays “want to maintain the backbone of the government, (they) must make sure UMNO wins”

So, fellow Malaysians, are we going to meekly accept the above? Is Najib a prime minister for all Malaysians? Or just the UMNO Malays? On this special day of the forty-ninth year of our nationhood, it is important to remind ourselves that we can make a difference, individually and collectively. And the most important duty we have is to correctly exercise our vote in GE13. Our one vote is indeed precious!

We need to start afresh. Only a new government can grant us this. It's as simple as that. God bless Malaysia!

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