Thursday, September 6, 2012

Axe Commercial Axed

A television commercial for Axe features the female character as a headless pair of breasts on legs! Designed to promote a men's hair product, the concept of the ad, set in an office, is based on the idea that men notice breasts first on a women, while women notice a man's hair before anything else.

In turn, the male character, who admires his amply-chested co-worker from afar, is a thick head of hair on legs.

The TV commercial, by agency BBH New York, is set to the Daniel Johnston track “True Love Will Find You In The End” and is concluded with the tagline: 'Hair. It's what girls see first.' But the ad, though intended to be humorous, has prompted a backlash from viewers, who consider it to be sexist.

Office romance: The ad is set in a workplace and the two characters are depicted as co-workers

At last! Finally the two characters' human versions are revealed when they lock eyes at a bus stop

Finale: As the pair approaches one another, the tagline appears, reading: Hair. It's what girls see first

This is not the first time an ad for Axe, which is owned by Unilever, has sparked controversy.

An ad in 2010 attracted anger after a man having a shower after a one-night-stand was seen using his Axe shower gel to 'scrub away the skank'.

And last year, an ad that showed angels falling from heaven because they were attracted to a man's deodorant was banned in the UK and South Africa after regulators ruled that it could offend Christians.

Thanks for reducing the two characters into mere objects. Unilever doesn’t seem to have class at all! Honestly, the commercial is crappy, crummy and cheesy even! Axe, what the hell were you thinking of? And to think the company really believed this ad was a good idea?

Viewing this commercial, I am glad that I have been boycotting Unilever products all these years! If you wish to know why, check out my story at this link


AzzuraBrightly said...

this advertisement doesn't have the value and ethic. Even though, its conduct the message of the product, simply say this adv lack of ethic... general people might get the wrong message of it. is that the value they can show from the product?

Trecia said...

Obviously, men are the targeted market of Axe through the ads. From the marketing point of view, it is eye-catching and will create a "bam" to the society. In terms of ethical, figure of a woman shouldn't be used as a tool to promote Axe products. Please respect women. Hopefully, men don't really get fool by Axe's gimmick, resulting to purchase the product which helps to increase the sales.

Feel free to join the bandwagon: BoycottAxe! :D

Leticia said...

It is obvious that the marketers failed to design an advertisement that appeals to their target market without demeaning the fairer sex. Perhaps the advertisement was designed to be humourous for it to be memorable (refer Carlton Draught's Big Ad), but it failed miserably since sexism is not tolerated today.

Viewers may identify the product now when they see it on the store shelves but they may look at it with disgust instead.

Marketers here failed to create a good brand image.

Unknown said...

the ad may have fail but to a certain point it has successfully gain publicity being good or bad. furthermore axe is a fmcg, mostly when consumer shop for fmcg, they think of the first thing that comes to mind and care less about the image it may portray on its ad(unless you are mr victor)

by having a lousy ad, it gain even more buzz than it may have targeted