Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shahrizat's Singapore Restaurants Close

I just read in The Malaysian Insider, a report that came out yesterday that the three restaurants in Singapore owned by the scandal-hit family of Shahrizat Jalil have reportedly closed, appearing to mark the family's exit from the island republic.

The Singapore Straits Times had reported that the restaurants – Meatworks, Brawn Steakhouse and Brazilian churrascaria Senor Santos have served their final customers and comes after the family's supermarket chain Farmhouse Supermarkets had their lease cancelled by Rochester Mall in Buena Vista.

It is not clear however if the closure of the restaurants were directly related to the family's troubles in Malaysia. But there's one thing I am sure: Cronyism does not guarantee business success.

I attended the MidValley Toastmasters meeting yesterday. I had no role and I was able to sit back and enjoy. Club members earnestly delivered their speeches and evaluations and with me rallying everybody, the meeting bounced along with spirited intensity. I would score this meeting a 7 out of a 10 (although I must add here that Dr Sharon Tong who as the General Evaluator scored the meeting a 9 out of a ten).

With the meeting almost coming to an end, only did I realize that the senior members hardly showed up for meetings. It would appear as if this club is just starting over. There’s a lot of learning and doing that are required and confident MidValley members are soldiering on, with a self-belief that belies the fact that a majority of them are relatively new and inexperienced. A good club that is trying hard.

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