Monday, September 16, 2019

Disney's Peranakan Fare with Mickey and Minnie

In the second Mickey Go Local episode titled Peranakan Spice, we are introduced to Minnie Mouse. 

Here, Minnie wants to be the perfect “nonya” and cook up a storm for her beau. Mickey wants to be the perfect “baba” and take all the spice! 

But Minnie misreads the recipe and adds way too much chillis in her “rempah” – and poor Mickey sweats and flushes.

After their dalliance with Donald Trump and the US, Hong Kong protesters now turn to their former colonial masters, Britain, seeking support. 

Some of them were even eager to pledge allegiance to the United Kingdom, chanting: “We are British and we will never surrender” and “Rule, Britannia!” And waved Union Jacks and sang “God Save the Queen”. 

This whole protest thing is bordering on the ridiculous!

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