Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Serving Notice for World Speech Day 2020

Hey, people! World Speech Day is returning to Malaysia! 

Keep March 15 free y’all because the public speaking event of the year is back! 

I was in Subang Jaya last evening to attend the USJ Toastmasters meeting. This time the venue was at Main Place in USJ 21:

I had met club president, Sajni Dharamdass at the Shah Alam Toastmasters meeting last week – and without prompting, she kindly offered me a speaking slot. Of course, she knew I would be most pleased to speak at her club and I gratefully accepted the offer. 

I delivered a CC#5 titled A Happy Death. 

In fact, Sajni made the request for me to do this Your Body Speaks speech and I must say, it turned out quite well. 
And I was volunteered to take part in Table Topics and in the end, I was voted Best TT Speaker: 

Not only that but I was also given a role play assignment for Radzi Yusof’s Pathways speech – where I was one of five disrupters, i.e. the Talker – the others being the Interrupter, the Chatterer, the Arguer and the Silent Type. I gave the speaker hell as I was supposed to. 

Anyway, herein are the photos of the said meeting yesterday:

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