Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The NALE Place

I received these photos of the NALE place today – so interested diners know what they can expect: 

From the above pics, NALE looks inviting. 

I am confident we will be charmed by the eatery's warm and welcoming ambience that says good food, good service and everything else being just so unpretentious. 

I really must make it a point to visit The Nasi Lemak Co. very soon! Sigh, I'm yearning for nasi lemak right now!

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief Latheefa Koya (left) today issued another reminder warning against filing complaints with them – merely for political brownie points. Rightly so. 

She said the commission will investigate all complaints – but often they found that in many cases, the complaints filed were motivated by vendetta. 

“The MACC has long been used as a political tool – people lodge reports just to get at each other. “There are a lot of situations where people come to report and then make a press conference just to say ‘I’ve done it’, so this is the problem”, she lamented. 

That’s why the decision to put MACC directly under Parliament was correct – after all, Parliament have become an independent entity under Pakatan Harapan.

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