Monday, September 9, 2019

The NALE Menu

If you have read – especially from my post "A Nasi Lemak Place" published September 01 – about this new eatery in town: NALE (or the Nasi Lemak Co.) – and still wondering what’s on their menu, here it is: 

But then, you already know, right? You have already checked the eating house out.

But if you haven't, please go! Believe me, NALE should be on your to-visit list. 

And when you do try their nasi lemak – you will not regret it, that I’m sure of! 

Google have announced a broad ban on ads on their platforms for a range of unproven medical procedures, including stem cell and gene therapies "that have no established biomedical or scientific basis". 

Rightly so. Hallmarks of pseudoscience often involve hijacking words and concepts from cutting-edge research and then making claims that go far beyond what is warranted by our current level of knowledge. Many charlatans with fancy titles use these claims to market products and services to an unsuspecting public. 

It is a fact that the entire field is still largely unregulated, and the science unproven. 

It’s about time, Google. Better late than never, I guess. 

Google, will of course, still allow ads to promote research, along with clinical trials, so long as they follow the rest of the rules in Google’s health care and medicine advertisement policy. The company also notes that they will continue to evaluate ongoing research and will continue to revise their policies as needed in the future.

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