Monday, September 9, 2019

Exploding Cows!!

Exploding cows!! News emerged that Islamic State militants rigged bovines with explosives to attack Iraqi targets. 

According to Colonel Ghalib Al-Atyia, the spokesperson for the police commander in Diyala province, the sortie signaled that IS, whose ranks were sharply depleted by their four-year fight against Iraqi security forces backed by US special forces, were desperate to replenish their ranks with suicide bombers. I suppose since they lacked men, women and children willing to die for their cause, they were compelled to resort to unconventional methods.

I'm also assuming that the remaining IS fighters were not prepared to sacrifice their lives just yet. 

And so, two cows were conscripted and weaponized.

The armed IS recruits were spotted in the south-eastern Iraqi village of Al Islah, where they were then remotely detonated as they came close to the dwellings.

The animals which The New York Times said Wednesday, could cost more than $1,200 each were killed and the homes were damaged. Nobody else died in the said bombing. 

Another report told of the same(?) cattle being steered towards a military checkpoint when Iraqi soldiers opened fire and “blew them up” – according to the Kurdish language Rudaw news website.

One civilian was injured in the failed "moo" offensive that occurred two weeks ago. 

I'm really unsure which story is bona fide but suffice to say, the cows did have a crack at the Iraqis and they were strapped with bombs. 

Anyway, using non-humans for a suicide mission is not out of the ordinary. 

Militants have been using livestock in skirmishes. Research charity Action on Armed Violence have recorded six incidents of “donkey-borne IEDs” since 2010, which killed altogether fourteen people. All of the incidents took place in Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

I'm thinking martyred cows (and donkeys) can't go to heaven and so their deaths would have been in vain. 

After all, animals are not "judged" as humans are, I think. This means, they cannot secure their admission ticket to go past the pearly gates and into heaven.

Besides, what are they going to do with seventy-two virgins? 

In heaven’s name, this shall only lead to bestiality! Surely, this is ludicrously unthinkable and insanely preposterous!?

Between you and me, I don't think anybody who takes up arms to kill deserves to go to Jannah! Irrespective if their targets are kafirs or not.

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