Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Haze or not, Malaysians too came out to march for the MYClimateStrike, part of a series of climate strike protests held worldwide between September 20 and September 27, 2019. 

Along with the global messages “There is no planet B” and “System change not climate change”, banners like “Tree plantations are not real forests” and “Let us breathe freely again” drew attention to the severe environmental degradation effects that Malaysians deal with on a daily basis. 

The rally, spearheaded by Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY), drew the support of Greenpeace Malaysia and Amnesty International Malaysia’. 

Penang too saw protests:

It is time the government acknowledge the environmental and climate degeneracy in Malaysia and declare that this is a climate emergency. 

The haze that is suffocating us today is testament to the failure of the authorities to act. 

Why has the Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change gone silent? Why are you tongue-tied, Yeo Bee Yin (left)?

Ineffectual. Useless. Uncaring. This is the Pakatan Harapan government we have today. They are no better than BN because it's still the same bullshit they're dishing out to the rakyat!

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