Monday, September 23, 2019

Friday's Climate Strikes

Millions of people around the world took part in Friday's climate strike and calling for "climate justice" to be an ethical obligation and not just an environmental issue. 

Roughly 4,638 events took place in 139 countries, according to Greta Thunberg (right).

From New York to Guatemala City, Cape Town to London, Bangkok to Sydney, protesters marched to draw attention to the climate crisis. 

The coordinated strike was timed ahead of the United Nations Climate Summit – which kicks off today – where countries are expected to enhance their commitments to reducing greenhouse gases under the Paris climate agreement. 

Estimates of total crowd sizes have been as high as 4 million, it is reckoned. 

In New York City, USA where schools excused the city's 1.1 million students from class to participate – organizers have pegged that number at close to 250,000, making it the largest protest that day. 

Big crowds turned up elsewhere in the country  in San Francisco (40,000), Denver (7,500) Boston (7,000), Chicago (3,000), Portland (2,000) and Washington DC, among other cities. 

Local officials and protest organizers offered varying crowd size estimates at the various other cities. 

According to organizers, some of the other largest demonstrations took place in Berlin (270,000), London (100,000) and across Australia (about 100,000 protesting in Melbourne alone, organizers say). 

I’m sorry I’m still sceptical that governments will take urgent and immediate action. 

Sunday morning, I was at Bar House @ Jalan 5/19 off Jalan Gasing in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. I finally made it to the Sai Masters Toastmasters meeting – the July 28th meeting was aborted. 

I took up three roles – as Speaker, Speech Evaluator and General Evaluator. 

I did a CC#8 speech titled The Bridesmaid. This is for my Competent Communication manual, Round #62. 

And I was voted Best Project Speaker. 

I also took part in Table Topics – and I was voted Best TT Speaker.

Photos of the said meeting:

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