Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Cupboard Under the Stairs

An Airbnb room for rent in Brooklyn, New York, has gone viral after one surprised tourist shared a video of the space – which is effectively a cupboard under the stairs. 

The person who only identified herself as Zoe posted the footage to Twitter with the caption: “Look at my Airbnb room in Brooklyn looooool”. 

The video showed the tiny space, which has just enough room for an inflatable camping mattress, duvet and pillow. 

“People are asking so – yes I looked at the pics, yes I was expecting a tiny room/closet lol but I just think it looks even more ridiculous in person (and a bit dirty). It’s all good though”. 

The listing goes under the name Economy Brooklyn Space for your NYC Adventure! – and costs just $27 a night for a stay. 

And pictures of the property clearly show that it’s a bijou space. You wouldn't believe it but the hundreds of reviews amassed are largely positive, with the property receiving an average rating of 4.29 out of five. 

But according to the 26-year-old travel blogger from London, UK, many people were angry on her behalf! 

At that price and if you’ve decided that’s what you wish to pay – it is sure to meet your expectations, I suppose because you are likely not to have any expectations in the first place. 

Still, Zoe remarked that the “room” was “genuinely fine for (her) minus the dirty sheets and lack of plug socket (and they could have cleaned it a bit better)”. 

This reminds me of the cramped space that Harry Potter had to endure when he lived with his aunt, uncle and cousin at Number 4, Privet Drive in the fictional suburb of Surrey called Little Whinging:

Interestingly, I found out that this cupboard-sized space under the stairs is fairly common on Airbnb registers! 

In fact, I saw one $152-per-night posting described as “Harry's ‘Cupboard Under the Stairs’” in Lynnwood, Washington in USA that declares: “WARNING: this is literally a closet but a closet was good enough for Mr. Potter, so we're doing this. It's also our most popular and most beloved listing!” 

Another $80-per-night space “Harry Potter Style-The Cupboard Under the Stairs!” in Las Vegas, Nevada in USA carries a caution: “Not recommended if you do not like enclosed spaces or are claustrophobic”. 

Anyway, Zoe insisted there was a ‘happy’ ending. She met an Instagram acquaintance who offered her the couch. 

That also means, no owl and no ‘acceptance letter to Hogwarts’, LOL.

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