Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hong Kong in Flames

Protests grip Hong Kong in an uncompromising stranglehold. Violence lingers malevolently. 

I am, therefore, not putting any hope on the protests dying down any time soon – rather the recklessly daring among the hard-core protesters will be buoyed even more. And the protests will become more violent. 

Even Al Jazeera on Sunday had picked to highlight the fact that a university poll last month revealed that more than 90 percent of people supposedly agreed with using violence to pressure the government – and that’s a 20 percent boost from a similar survey in June. 

That’s what we’re seeing – the diehard protesters who come prepared – armed with umbrellas, laser pointers, sticks and poles, metal shafts, bricks, rocks, petrol bombs and anything that can be used as weapons. 

To be sure, the protests are not as peaceful as they are made out to be. In fact, they should be referred to as riots. In reality, it’s an uprising. 

Just pause and consider a hypothetical question. WHAT IF, God forbid, China were to support an insurrection in the US? I bet you the Americans would promptly get their nukes ready  and pointing in China's direction. In fact, their National Guard (below pic) would already have been immediately mobilized to contain and stamp out the lawlessness.

We know that the US propaganda machine has a global outreach – that the US can surreptitiously do the exact same thing to the Chinese – and most people would be none the wiser. Better still, nobody would even try to stop them. 

Whatever they do outside of the US – they can claim that this was done in the name of “freedom”, for the sake of "democracy". It's a lot of BS I know but there are gullible people out there.

The Hong Kong protests started as rallies to oppose the extradition law and which then morphed into protests clamoring for Carrie Lam's resignation, before they mutated into anti-China, pro-democracy protests.  

You can’t get further from the truth than that. I ask you, how can rioting, wrecking things and burning things down be considered democratic? 

And if Hong Kongers naively think the powers-that-be in the US are their guardian angels – they should reboot their brains. Just look at what happened or are happening to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen – all of them have crumbled/are crumbling and descended/descending into anarchic mayhem. Again, all in the name of “freedom” and “democracy”.

Wisely or unwisely, Hong Kong's Chief Executive (left) on Wednesday announced the formal withdrawal of the misunderstood extradition bill that has sparked the political crisis. But, protesters rebuffed her, saying it was too little, too late. Meaning, they vowed to fight on. 

Today, they are demanding the dismissal of LegCo (the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region), they are agitating for universal suffrage, and they are pressing for democracy. 

It looks more and more that Hong Kongers have been manipulated to serve somebody else’s agenda. And all along, I had thought they were the do-gooders! 

It appears that the young people couldn’t fathom and/or accept the idea that Hong Kong’s prosperity is tied to their motherland – they don't give a shit; they want out! And so, they took to the streets for weeks on end. And, then, they begin waging war against their own city. 

Little do they know that the la-la land they painted of Hong Kong is just a figment of their own imagination. 

The bustling and dynamic Hong Kong of the past is sheltering in the shadows. It's a matter of time, the Hong Kong as their parents and parents' parents knew is but an ebbing memory. The Hong Kong of today is steadily being eclipsed by the neighboring metropolises which are growing bigger and faster.

Therefore, it is no surprise that with the correct prescription of dishonest encouragement and devious incitement – things get heated and the citizenry gets riled up – so much so that they take it upon themselves to make known their anger by protesting, before allowing it to quickly cascade into riots. Of course, with clandestine support from hidden hands. 

For fourteen weekends, the crisis has lighted up television screens. The raging tempest of discontent is played up in newspapers. The disruptive dissent is celebrated on web pages. Actually, the protesters are strangling Hong Kong and yet, the world cheers them on. 

This is an uprising that is slowly but surely spiraling downwards into the dark abyss of an unhappy and grim ending.

A wee flame that was the extradition law had grown into a jumbo wildfire that is ready to burn everything in its path. If you ask me, the protests are nothing but a storm in a teapot that was stoked by an unrelenting social media followed hot on the heels by the unyielding press  promoting misrepresentation and misinformation. 

You may wonder why I said what I said. Sunday's demonstrations made it very obvious – protesters defiantly waved US flags and bombarded the US point-blank with one plainspoken message: "Resist Beijing, liberate  Hong Kong".

No wonder I'm smelling US influence and intervention. 

It’s most regrettable that the protesters conveniently forget that Hong Kong is an integral part of China, period. More importantly, they are Chinese and they cannot change that fact, no matter what.

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