Thursday, September 26, 2019

Foot Fetish

Contemporary abstract artist Gwen Murphy (left) is the creative force behind upcycling old pairs of discarded and unwanted shoes into personified faces in her artwork series, ‘Foot Fetish’ – a wonderfully eclectic surreal series of shoe sculptures. 

And each pair features a beguiling set of formed, painted faces that peer out from inside. 

Murphy’s unique shoe sculptures use the long shape of the shoe sole as the face structure and the front of the shoe as a clever headpiece. She uses old pairs of Converse sneakers, ballet flats, high-heels and ballet shoes by covering them by hand in fabric paint. Inside the shoe, she places hand-carved pieces of wood with fascinating human and animal faces. 

Murphy’s abstract face characters look like they’d have very interesting personalities if they were to magically come to life.

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