Sunday, September 22, 2019

A Nod to the Caped Crusader

Thousands saw the bat signal on Saturday and they weren’t seeing things. 

The sign – Batman fans recognize it as a distress call to summon the Dark Knight in times of trouble in Gotham City, where the fictional character is based – was flashed onto landmark buildings and into the night sky across 13 cities around the world. 

September 21 marks Batman Day and commemorates the caped crusader’s 80th anniversary. This annual event began in 2014 by DC Comics.

On Friday, I returned to Setia Alam for the EcoWorld Toastmasters’ Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation contests. 

I was the Contest Toastmaster for the Humorous Speech session – and once done, I would have completed my last CL task in order to earn my twenty-fifth Competent Leader award. This brings my total number of Toastmasters awards to 116:

In fact, I have to admit that all 5 speakers were entertaining and yes, I did enjoy myself. Indeed, it is rare that I have a good time at Toastmasters contests, more so at club level. Besides, to have to sit through so many speeches can be grueling.

That Friday, EcoWorld had unearthed five speaking talents and that, in itself, is already a priceless discovery. They are all worth their weight in gold.

To be sure, I did my bit to prepare BBCC’s Chin Hui Ling for the club’s HSSE contests. I had conducted a 9-hour speech coaching session over 6 periods – of which 90% was focused on her Humorous Speech.

And YES!!! She deservingly took 1st place. Clear-cut, as far as I am concerned. 

And she will now progress to the Area level contest in October. 

BTW, Chin also took third place in the Speech Evaluation contest and that’s a big bonus too.

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