Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Magic Machine

Two environmental activists, Greta Thunberg (far left) and George Monboit (left) have joined forces to help produce a short film highlighting the need to protect, restore and use nature to tackle the climate crisis. 

Living ecosystems like forests, mangroves, swamps and seabeds can pull enormous quantities of carbon from the air and store them safely – but natural climate solutions currently receive only 2% of the funding spent on cutting emissions. 

Monboit talks about a magic machine that sucks carbon out of the air, costs very little and builds itself. 

It's called a tree.

Therefore, a tree is our natural climate solution. It's as simple as that.

The film’s director, Tom Mustill of Gripping Films, said: 'We tried to make the film have the tiniest environmental impact possible. We took trains to Sweden to interview Greta, charged our hybrid car at George’s house, used green energy to power the edit and recycled archive footage rather than shooting new'. Bravo!

This video reminds us the value of a tree! 

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