Thursday, September 12, 2019

A River Turns Green

Extinction Rebellion strike again. 

Their members are climate activists who embrace non-violent civil disobedience "to achieve radical change in order to minimize the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse".

On Tuesday, they turned the Limmat River in Switzerland's largest city a bright florescent green – in protest against what they said is the "impending collapse of the (global) ecosystem". 

They acknowledged on their Facebook page that they had used a "harmless" water-soluble dye, uranine, which they said has "about the toxicity of table salt" to change the color of the river winding through Zurich. 

As part of their protest, thirty or so demonstrators had leapt into the river and floated downstream like corpses. 

Extinction Rebellion indicated they will stage similar actions across the country over the next ten days. All in the name of environment.

Sure, like it or not, the world is paying attention to their stunts – but are governments doing enough to stop climate change? I'm sorry but I am a cynic.

Yesterday, I was in Jalan USJ 9/5Q in Subang Jaya, Selangor to present another speech – also a CC#5 – titled Joker. 

Like I said, some time ago, I can really surprise myself. To come up with an impromptu speech that was good – is sheer magic. Really. 

I don’t think there are many speakers out there in the Toastmasters world who can deliver a 5-7 minute speech off the cuff and still pull it off! 

My evaluator was Loh Ejiat from Penang’s Achievers Toastmasters Club. 

Thank you to Subang Toastmasters for having me! You guys rock!

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