Wednesday, September 16, 2020

200,000 American Lives Sacrificed to Covid-19

As at September 16, 2020, 00:00 GMT, Covid-19 with the United States in its sights, ratchets up another sombre statistic. The tally of Americans who have perished counts 200,322 lives (or 21.3% of the global total), according to 

Not forgetting to mention, 6,810,201 have been infected, and which account for 22.9% of total confirmed cases worldwide. 

The US of A is indisputably the No.1! Thanks to Donald Trump!

The World Trade Organization have ruled that tariffs the US imposed on Chinese goods in 2018, triggering a trade war, were "inconsistent" with international trade rules. The WTO said the US did not provide evidence that its claims of China's unfair technology theft and state aid justified the duties. 

Predictably, the US is upset about the ruling since it didn't go its way and it whined that the WTO have been "completely inadequate" to the task of confronting China. 

The latter brought the case to the WTO in 2018, as the Trump administration began the first rounds of tariffs on what would eventually become more than $300 billion worth of products. The complaint challenged tariffs enacted in June and September of 2018 on goods estimated at more than $200 billion in annual trade.

Of course we all know that China is the primary target of the US because it wanted to contain China’s economic rise. The former has enjoyed massive growth rates during the past two decades and the largest trade surplus with the latter. And so conveniently, Donald Trump blamed his country’s decline on his favorite bogeyman: China! 

Coupled with ever more intense technology competition, an alarmed US launched more punitive action against China. Think Huawei. Think TikTok. Think WeChat. 

In the worst case, these trade and technological conflicts will escalate even more and turn into a “decoupling” of their respective economies. Worse, the US has turned to its colonies, e.g. UK, Canada and Australia to get them to do the same – all of which will cause painful economic ruptures and heightened geopolitical confrontation. 

I have no doubt who is the villain. I repeat, China must not allow itself to be bullied.

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