Saturday, September 26, 2020

Blue Ballpoint Pen Drawing

It's hard to believe that the ordinary ballpoint pen (left) – the most commonly used type of writing instrument – could actually conjure up beautiful illustrations. 

And that’s what artist Louis Gibiard did – he created an incredibly detailed drawing using only a ballpoint pen.


The combination of the blue ink against the white of the paper is reminiscent of traditional porcelain art from China – but the images are more wildlife oriented. This amazing piece took Gibiard over 140 hours to complete.

On Thursday, I participated in a Zoom meeting of the IJM Toastmasters Club – my third time – and where I was roped in as a speech evaluator. I was also volunteered to take part in the Table Topics session. 

Thanks to Chloe Chor for the kind invite. I’m not a stranger to this club because I've been supporting them for a good many years – and it’s good to know that post-Toastmasters, I'm still contributing my time and energy to IJM Toastmasters when called upon to do so.

My eighth Toastmasters meeting via Zoom since April 01, 2020.

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