Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Communicate with Confidence

For those who are really serious about wanting to learn public speaking: 

Check out these 2-hour "Communicate with Confidence" online sessions facilitated by Ahmad Fakhri (right). Just in case you don’t know him, he’s an international speaker, a certified trainer, a professional mentor and coach and a parenting consultant. 

Two things you should know – these sessions are gratis and places are limited. And two dates in September are available, so please do register if you are interested!

I blogged about the Yellow Submarine tiny house yesterday. 

I do think the post is incomplete if I don’t include the 1966 song by the Beatles. I suppose that’s because I’m a Beatles fan.

This song was originally intended as a children's song – but over the years, it received more than its fair share of social and poltical interpretations. It was even adopted as an anti-authority statement by the counterculture during Vietnam War protests, while some commentators viewed it as either referencing the drug Nembutal or symbolising escapism.

Whatever. Anyway, here's that song:


Who doesn’t love the Beatles, right?

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