Sunday, September 27, 2020

33 Million Cases

The Covid-19 pandemic escalates. And the world is now saddled with 33 million cases with the death toll expected to reach one million today. 

Ninety percent of confirmed cases are found among the countries identified below:


Of the thirty-eight countries, 12 are from the Americas, 10 from Europe, 13 from Asia and 3 from Africa. A truly global scourge. 

I came across this news report – it was actually published on August 23, 2020  about a campaign that was started to get the Covid-19 restriction on bagpipes lifted! 

Scotland is the only country in the UK still outlawing the playing of the instrument in a group in the open air – even with social distancing. 

Public health officials fear the pipes, along with other woodwind and brass instruments, could create an “aerosol” of infectious particles. 

But Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association chairperson John Hughes has argued it is a “dry” mechanism with no vapour discharge. 

A MSP, Michelle Ballantyne (right) has already lodged a motion calling on the Scottish Government to “consider the current situation for pipe and silver bands” and to recognize that “piping technology means that pipes are no longer wet” – and therefore, the ban on band practice sessions should be cancelled.

I agree that we should give bagpipes a break.

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