Thursday, September 3, 2020

26 Million Cases

It took just 4 days for coronavirus cases to jump by one million to 26 million worldwide. On Tuesday, Russia became the fourth country to surpass one million confirmed cases. 

Yesterday, looking at daily case numbers, thirty countries registered more than 1,000 infections, meaning, more countries are now seeing a spike. 

Still, the 12 worst-hit countries are still the same collection of countries – it’s just that some of them switched places with each another. Their total number of cases represents 74.1%; fatalities represent 77.6%.

In one clean move on Friday, China checkmated Donald Trump’s attempt to force ByteDance to divest short video app TikTok in the United States with the sorry excuse of supposed security concerns over the personal data it handles. 

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce had posted revisions to its list of technologies that can’t be exported and/or require a permit to send offshore. State media outlet Xinhua reported that these include "personalized information push service technology based on data analysis" and "artificial intelligence interactive interface technology". 

Professor Cui Fan from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China said that the two new listings are just the sort of thing that TikTok developer ByteDance probably uses. 

That could mean that Microsoft, Oracle and other US-based bidders for bits of TikTok could either be denied their prey or face a review that makes the purchase process painful. 

It is really good to see China fight back against the bully.

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