Friday, September 18, 2020

30 Million Cases

Coronavirus cases have topped 30 million worldwide. Also 950,000 people have died from Covid-19.

In the ranking of the 12 worst-hit countries, France switched places with Iran, nudging the latter to #13. And the new twelve countries have combined to account for 74.3% of the global caseload. Insofar as fatalities are concerned, the Top 12 countries remain the same – and combined, they contribute 76.8% of the world total.


Scrutinizing confirmed cases by country being reported daily, it would appear that India is racing to catch up with the US of A although deaths remain relatively low still. (Note: I have read reports that Indian deaths have been grossly under-reported) 

In Europe, WHO are making loud noises again. Countries there are seeing a surge in cases, notably Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine and UK. 

WHO's Europe office regional director Hans Kluge (left) said 300,000 new infections were reported across Europe last week alone and weekly cases had exceeded those reported during the first peak in March. 

Kluge warned the figures "should serve as a wake-up call for all of us”.

Even New Zealand knows all too well that it cannot afford any more lockdowns – even as cases appear here and there, albeit sparsely.


Its economy had plunged into recession as it shrank a record 12% in the April-June period – by far the largest since records began, national data agency Stats NZ said.
According to one news report, this has even forced Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (right) to defend her pandemic response ahead of next month's general election. 

Didn’t I say we ought to learn to live with Covid-19?

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