Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Mozzies Adapt to Survive and Flourish

Aedes mosquitoes (Scientific name: Aedes aegypti) in Malaysia have adapted their behaviour in the last 20 years to circumvent efforts to extinguish them. 

This fact was quoted by an expert in medical entomology that was originally published in Sin Chew Daily and reprinted in The Star (p 14) on Monday. 

Dr Lee Yean Wang (right) who wrote his PhD thesis on Aedes control, said these mozzies have learnt how to scramble indoors and hide safely as and when fogging is carried out. 

Data in the last 5 years indicated that more Malaysians were bitten by these bloodsuckers indoors rather than outdoors. The situation was made worse by the tendency of homeowners to shut windows and doors whenever a fogging was done. 

This, he said, would create a “safe haven” for the insects. He also added that rising temperatures over the last few decades had led to a change in their behavior. 

“Aedes mosquitoes will bite at a temperature of between 24-degree Celsius and 30-degree Celsius. However, they are most active between 26 degree Celsius and 28 degree Celsius”, he said. 

Okay, noted! 

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