Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Poovaa (left) is a polished singer-songwriter. 

When she brings forth a song, it's as if her voice immediately connects to her heart. And as she gently caresses the notes and strokes the lyrics, they spin into a seductive spiral of lilting melody that ripples with warmth and swells into delicate billows of choral delight.

I had featured Poovaa yesterday and I must insist you listen to her sing. This powerhouse did a brilliant cover of "Warisan"  and the beautiful number made me want to know more about her. 

Her Facebook page has this description: “From planet Pooladoola, I'm a hydroelectric soul turbine and I'm here to rock your world…” Indeed, her words ring true – she has rocked my world. 

Check out this short video clip of Poovaa, just so we get to know her a wee bit better:


And please give a listen to Poovaa’s very first Malay cover – Alyah’s 2015 hit “Sesal Separuh Nyawa”:


A towering talent gifted with a warbling voice that is haunting yet heart-stopping, and sensitive yet sublime. Poovaa is a joy to listen to.

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