Monday, July 21, 2014

The Tragedy That Was MH17

Reuters pic, July 18, 2014


Reuters pic, July 19, 2014
MH370 may have disappeared without a trace. So far. But with MH17, there was the physical evidence. Spread out over a 4.5 km zone. Of dismembered bodies and charred remains. Of mangled debris and strewn passports. Of death and destruction.
This was another consequence from the raging conflict in Ukraine, where nationalist Ukrainians battle against pro-Moscow Ukrainians. After all, Crimea had been “returned to Russia” (read, annexed) and separatist movements in the Donets’k and Luhans’k regions are demanding greater autonomy from Kiev or even better, accession into the Russian Federation. And that was how fighting has flared and even now, it continues.
American intelligence officials believe that a Russian SA-series missile shot down flight MH17. During a special meeting of the United Nations on Friday, US envoy Samantha Powers said that the missile equipment that brought down MH17 could not be operated by civilians (i.e. pro-Moscow rebels), implying that trained professionals, most likely from Russia, had offered support. Unless we wish to surmise that the said separatists – at least some or many (?) of them – are actually members of the Russian military who had infiltrated Ukraine.
In rebuttal, the Russian representative to the UN denied that his country had offered any military support to the insurgents. He said the blame for Thursday’s incident lies with Ukraine.
For the sake of those who perished in MH17 – the truth must prevail. And the international community must stand united to bring the perpetrators to justice.
So, who shot down flight MH17?
I have an answer. It is humans. Humans killing humans. And that is the real tragedy.

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