Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dengue Outbreak

Do you know that dengue affects between 50 million and 100 million people worldwide a year? 

The Malaysian Insider on July 16, 2014 reported that this year, a whopping 48,845 dengue cases were reported in Malaysia. That is an increase of 34,719 cases or 246% compared with only 14,126 cases for the same period last year. There were 92 deaths attributed to dengue and this represents a 229% increase compared with 28 deaths in 2013.

The Health Ministry has finally realized how bad the situation is and only now, is it seeking additional funds. In fact, it is putting in a request for RM20 million. In the meantime, Putrajaya established the National Committee on Dengue and making a promise to bring down the number of cases within two months. 

Selangor was certainly not spared. And the Subang Jaya Municipality yielded grim statistics. In a one week period (May 25-31, 2014), a total of 3,149 dengue cases and 21 life-threatening dengue haemorrhagic fever cases were reported. Of these, 2,798 and 15 respectively were positive (Star Online, June 11, 2014). 

Yesterday, I was told a Psychology student at Sunway University was warded on Thursday because of dengue. There have been other cases too. That explains why I have seen fogging being done on the premise very frequently. Like yesterday morning.

I found this British Got Talent – 2012 Audition video clip about pensioners The Zimmers rocking the stage with the Beastie Boys classic Fight For Your Right. 

Give it a listen if you’re wondering how sharp-tongued Simon Cowell took it!

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