Monday, July 7, 2014

Netherlands and Argentina Also in Semi-finals

The Netherlands-Costa Rica match ended in a scoreless draw but it was decided when the former won 4-3 on penalties. There was a stroke of genius when Tim Krul who is 6ft 4in (1.93m), replaced the 6ft 2in (1.87m) Jasper Cillessen for the penalty shootout and the substitute Dutch goalie saved two of the five efforts he faced. 

The Netherlands, the only team in the final four not to have won the World Cup, will play Argentina in Sao Paulo on Wednesday for a place in the final. 

In the other Saturday game, Argentina reached their first World Cup semi-final since finishing as runners-up in 1990 with a 1-0 victory over Belgium in Brasilia, Brazil. 

This is the first time in World Cup history that Brazil and Argentina have both appeared in the semi-finals. 


In spite of the brickbats he has received, Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Mansur repeated his call for the "cleaning up" of the Kuala Lumpur city center by moving the homeless and beggars to suitable locations elsewhere.  

Bernama reported him as providing a litany of grievances against the vagrants in a statement on Friday. He blamed those without a roof for contributing to the problem of a lack of cleanliness, especially at tourist spots. He implicated them for the social and security problems that the city faces and he insisted their presence tarnishes the image of Kuala Lumpur. 

"They sleep in inappropriate places in the city and are exposed to infectious diseases," Tengku Adnan explained. 

I think he  has only good intentions. He may have had sleepless nights knowing these street persons don't have a proper place to call home. Can I suggest that his sprawling four-storey Jalan Duta mansion in an upmarket suburb of Kuala Lumpur serves as one of the many locations to house the down-and-outs? So too the palatial homes of the other Ministers. 

Let’s see if the rich and powerful will provide shelter to the displaced, the destitute and the dispossessed in Kuala Lumpur. Let's see if they care for the have-nots. Let's see if they are big-hearted.

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