Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tony Fernandes Admits Caterham Defeat

His boasting aside, Tony Fernandes (left) has severed his ties to Formula One racing when it was announced yesterday he had sold the struggling Caterham Formula One team. He had endured four-and-a-half years without a solitary Grand Prix point and a personal investment of some £250 million (RM1.37 billion) and he has decided to admit defeat. Finally.
A Caterham statement said Fernandes had sold to a consortium of Swiss and Middle Eastern investors. The decision was made public just days before this weekend's British Grand Prix at Silverstone.
So much for the Malaysian’s bravado!
Last Friday, I was invited by Nor Lida Dahalan to assist in the OCBC SpeechCraft program that was organized for their staff to introduce them to Toastmasters. It was a good session and I spoke on “Organize Your Speech” as well as being a mentor for one of the four groups.


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