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Dogs Steal Glasgow Show

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Squash queen Nicol David (above pic, front left) was the flag bearer for the Asian countries at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony in Glasgow on July 23, 2014. She was given the honor of leading out the eight Asian countries during the said event – besides Malaysia, the others in the Asian contingent under the Commonwealth Games Federation are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Singapore and Brunei.
But she wasn’t the star. And it wasn't Susan Boyle, the Queen or Rod Stewart's metallic suit either. Rather the four-legged types were the ones which stole the show that Wednesday.

I was referring to the Scottish Highland terriers – all forty-one of them – which graced the said event. They all wore tartan dog coats with the name of each participating country team on them. They were brought in to introduce each of the 71 participating nations in the athletes' parade. Some of them even had to work a double shift.
And these dogs were accompanied by a Scots man or woman in tweeds. Check out the photos below:


Social media went wild for the tartan coat-sporting Scottie dogs, with many claiming them to be the highlight of Celtic Park.
Regrettably, they had earned the ire of some people from one country! Yup, you guessed it – Malaysia!
UK’s Daily Telegraph (July 28, 2014) reported that PAS deputy president, Mat Sabu had demanded an apology and said the dogs were 'disrespectful' to Muslims, especially as it happened during Ramadan.
Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali also called for an apology. "I think it is unbecoming. The hosts have not been sensitive enough – especially in a so-called knowledgeable and civilized society like Britain," he said. "It is shameful and has offended not only Malaysia as a Muslim country, but Muslims around the world."
However, a Glasgow C-Games 2014 spokesperson said there has been no complaints about the dogs from any of the countries taking part. Shame on these blinkered Malaysians!

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