Thursday, July 24, 2014

ISIS Target Mannequins

NBC News Picture

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (or ISIS as they are more commonly referred to) which had established control over Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city in June 2014, and thereafter, formally declared a caliphate has reportedly issued a mandate that all mannequins’ faces must be covered up! 

According to NBC News, store owners said that this demand applies to both male and female dummies – a move that could be in line with staunch interpretations of Syariah law that forbid creating statues or artistic depictions of the human form.

Hmmm, if that is the case, it won’t be just mannequins. I would expect the ban to apply to figurines, photos, and the like. 

I am just thinking. Maybe covering faces is not good enough. Maybe these dummies should be beheaded! LOL! 

On Tuesday, I was at Cap Square Tower in KL’s Jalan Munshi Abdullah for the Chiyoda Malaysia Toastmasters meeting. I was invited by the club’s Vice President Public Relations, Aamir Javid to share Humorous Speech techniques:

This was my first time doing it and I think it went well. Really. It was of course different from Stephen Fernando's or even K Loghandran's styles of presentation and even the approaches were different but that's okay. I consider myself a regular Joe and my presentation should be seen from that perspective. I wanted fellow Toastmasters to know that they too can deliver humorous speeches. It is not just about being funny or wanting to be comical. It is about pushing boundaries.

Other than this mini-workshop, there were the regular speeches and evaluations. A good meeting overall. And it was good to see external Toastmasters giving support – Andrew Tan (Satu Hati & Premier Advanced), Victor Loh (Satu Hati), Justin Jesunathan (ITC Bintang), Sharif Ahmed (Sunway University) and Solmaz Parpaei (Premier Advanced). I would score the meeting a 7.5 over 10.

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